Saturday, November 9, 2013


Keyshot 4.0 Render

Huehehehehehhehehe, best render evah !

I learned Keyshot render pretty much and I..... Luv it.
But still, In-Game screenshots are still my priority..... But DAAAAAAAANG
I didn't know my render this goooooood
nah, I remade my old Itasha.. Again. But this one is nothing different. Only resmooth the livery
Oh also, I took some screenshots of Natsuki's 180sx

Mark-o!'s Itsuki - RPS13 Type X

RAiAN's ねんどろいど ゆきみく たのしいゆきあそび・えでぃしょん [R34 Itasha] v.2

Tits, Lee. TITS.

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