Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kantai Collection !

So many Itasha...

Have no time to post them all...

Hey guys. I was trying to make another video but, em... We need to practice. I mean, me and Lawliet. Well, some kind of Touge battle. Definitely not a Drift video. This one has sort of story or like... Um... Movie? Ah nevermind.
Anyway, I made a new Itasha... Again. Kantai Collection, or maybe Kankore? Kancolle? This is one is difficult and has a bit "Kawaii"-style. I dunno. Enjoy

RAiAN's S14A 島風/Shimakaze v.1 [艦隊これくしょん/Kancolle]

This is me and Lawliet practicing, but suddenly it turned into some serious battle. Not what I expected though but still, that was an intensive Touge Battle.



  1. hola me pueden pasar la textura del nissan 200SX rojo con negro que aparese primero en la imagen de arriba???
    bonjour je peux passer texture rouge avec du noir nissan 200SX que aparese première image ci-dessus ???

  2. dame el link porfavor del auto :(