Friday, November 29, 2013

Bad News, my HDD exploded.

Yeah, I think it's a goodbye for GTA

But, doesn't mean I leave Itasha.

Yesh, my HDD exploded. Completely gone. I mean all my mods, GTA root folder, all things of GTA are completely gone. But I'm still making Itasha eventually, the problem is, it'd be only for render.
Like keyshot render.
Well, I'm moving to Skyrim with overhauling mods and my custom ENB set (Wow, it only take 2 FPS)
Check out my latest Skyrim

Graphic overhaul isn't? Huehuaeheuhaeuaea.

Say hello to Serana, what a cutie. 

Yesh, I replace all NPC in the entire Skyrim.... 

Well... Except for DLC though.. '-') Okay, one NPC for Dawnguard DLC. But it's only for Serena.

Serena is enough... Confused with the text line? You're not the only one.

Check out my latest Video, IT'S A TEASER!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Keyshot 4.0 Render

Huehehehehehhehehe, best render evah !

I learned Keyshot render pretty much and I..... Luv it.
But still, In-Game screenshots are still my priority..... But DAAAAAAAANG
I didn't know my render this goooooood
nah, I remade my old Itasha.. Again. But this one is nothing different. Only resmooth the livery
Oh also, I took some screenshots of Natsuki's 180sx

Mark-o!'s Itsuki - RPS13 Type X

RAiAN's ねんどろいど ゆきみく たのしいゆきあそび・えでぃしょん [R34 Itasha] v.2

Tits, Lee. TITS.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[REL] Itasha - S15

Special release!

HAPPY 30,000 VIEWS !!

I'm releasing another one, this time from K-ON!
It look simple because that paintjob should've used for tunable car. Thanks for ltu-customs for the silvia, well... That's pretty much of it. Oh yesh, after S15 and Evo VIII. RX8 would be my next project for tunable Itasha.
Oh, right. Enjoy

RAiAN's Itasha あずにゃん けいおん!

CAR & PAINTJOB (car goes to ltu-customs) :  

I know BACK-ON from Air Gear, no shit.