Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ryan x GTR Collaboration

One of the best.

Another one

Another collaboration with my close friend, this one is from GTR.
Based on his GRS180 D1GP GTR.
I fixed the remap, that's all.

Cicahsos x GTR's Toyota Crown GRS180 D1GP Love Live! [ラブライブ!]

Random shit

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Anually Upload, nope jk

It's been a while, I have so many to tell you guys but I don't know where to start

Well hello

We start this new journey with new liveries, more will come.
I don't know about release it on public, since so many contents got stolen lately.
If you want some of these, just ask me personally, I'll think about it.


Cicahsos' BN SPORTS FC3S D1GP Nebula [ラブライブ!]

Some good soundtrack for you

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ryan x Flash Collaboration

This is one of the best livery I ever made

Trust me

Cedric Y33 by Flash
I told you more downloadable mods would come, but not now. Depends on mood tho, I'm not really in the mood, so instead...
I'll show you this one. I don't have nothing to say, maybe someday I will not going put any words in here, that's all


RappyTheRuslter x Flash IA Cedric Y33 [VOCALOID イア]

I like this kind of let's play, pretty funny