Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Back!....... From Vacation

 I bought 1 NG 1/100, 2 HG 1/144 and Figma Figures... Well shit, now I'm fuckin poor...
Hey guys, sorry for no post about... 2 Weeks I guess? I made 1 Itasha. Yup, 1 Itasha. I'm tired
Hue, best Miku I ever made. But the window's too dark :'v, bad transparency. Better fix those.

RAiAN's 初音ミク [ODDS&ENDS]

RAiAN's [れいむ&まりさ] Z33Maroon
I forgot to show you this one

RAiAN's 巡音ルカ Draggie Supra
Hue, I showed the zmod's but never shown "In-Game" version

What!? You never heard or even watched ODDS&ENDS?! Here!

or if you prefer the Full Version PV 

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